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Monday, May 30, 2011

Christensen Talking Point #1

Christensen, " Unpacking the Myths that Bind Us"


I truly enjoyed reading  Christensen's article. This article makes you realize that these gender separations and the racism are always there and hopefully will one day disappear . While reading this article it made me realize that even as a child the media is already shaping what we know and learn" When we read children's books, we aren't just reading cute little stories, we are discovering the tools with which a young society is manipulated."

What i enjoyed most of this article was that Christensen showed her high school students how the media shapes the world we live in.  By her doing showing them many stated that when they have children they will not allow them to watch cartoons. I feel that this would be a lesson that every high school should be teaching. What was amazing was that since her students knew the situation they tried to get the rest of their community to be involved in what the media is doing.

Overall the article was an easy read. I enjoyed reading it and I learned about the media.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Who am I?

My name is Kayla Lubo.  I'll be 21 in August! Yeah . Summer is okay, doesn't really feel like summer. I need to go to the beach soon.  This is my first time taking summer classes, kind of interesting. When I'm not in class I'm either home or working, and occasionally hanging out with my friends. I was going to study abroad but i am not going to do that anymore.

First Blog

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