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Friday, July 1, 2011

Talking Points #2: Raby

 Who are these Teenagers? History and  Discourse


To tell you the truth i was completely lost while reading this article. But once we talked about it more in class, it made much more sense to me.

Raby does a great job in explaining the five main discourses at rick, becoming, social problems, pleasurable consumption, and the storm. The storm discourse I feel is something that always come into play. Parents and everyone believe that once kids become teenagers they go through this "storm" where they don't listen to anyone around them, very mischievous, rude, annoying, believing that they are right in everything. That eventually they will get over this stage and grow up.

I feel that adults and the media need to let teens breathe a bit, and stop portraying them as criminals. Yes I understand they have these raging hormones but let them experience the world. They need to get out of their heads that teens are the worst in the world.

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