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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Teenage Girls in the Media

Teenage Girls in the Media:


When starting this project I wrongly assumed that it was much easier! Then I actually started and had no idea on what I was about to get into, but thanks to some of the complicated but very helpful software I kind of got the hand of it. My topic for this project at first was Male teen athletes, but i did some research and it was very hard to find, you would think not. So I decided to switch it to Teenage Girls; my proposal being that teen girls are viewed as dramatic, backstabbing, fighting liars but at the end they still believe in the happy ever after.

Finding sources for this was very easy and as soon as i googled teen girls images I received images of girls fighting and competing against one another and some with the dramatic look on it. But you also get images of teenage girls half naked or in the "sexy maid" Halloween costume. When you move it too everything about teen girls you get websites about teen girls being hot, and them getting breast implants. Showing you that the media looks at teen girls as "hot" and that they always want to make some kind of change to their bodies. Then you have bogus websites that talk about the truth of teen girls that mention that these teen girls need to be controlled or they will end up half naked and in pregnancy pacts. The worse thing when talking about Pregnancy they blame everything on the women and it is looked at in the wrong way, but when its the guy who is in the media he is rewarded. Then there is the whole half naked situation a guy is rewarded when he is half naked on the cover of a magazine but as soon as a woman does she is criticized in the media. Which all relates to Raby's At Risk and Becoming Stage.

When you are watching either a tv show, a music video or a movie the women is portrayed is either easy, loud, dramatic and is fighting with some girl because of some odd unknown reason like Save the Last Dance and Mean Girls. Mean Girls did a great job showing the stereotypes of the teenage girl. 
 I wonder if a guy when he thinks about the average women does he think about her on how she is, or does he relate it back to what he has seen in the media?


  1. I liked your video. Chad Michael Murray is so cute lol.. You showed a great representation of gossiping girls in Mean girls. How girls compete against other girls, not really friends. This is similar to the Disney movies, where the princesses don't have girl friends or mothers in the films. I also love Degrassi lol Good Job!

  2. In "Mean Girls" Cady does have a happy ending and the "queen plastic" is run over by a bus. That backs up what we learned about people being rewarded or punished at the end.

  3. Great video! A lot of the movies in your film I have seen before in the past. These kind of films drive me nuts because they make it seem that all girls/women are always fighting and gossiping about other girls. When I watched your video I immediately thought of SCWAAMP. Whiteness, Straightens, and Americaness is viewed.

  4. I really enjoyed your video. I think the lesson from the movies still revolves around girls being jealous of each other and hurtful. I've noticed alot of young girls behave in similar ways-they are fussing over hair or their outfit or how they sneezed or other really petty things.

    I think this is the primary motivation of patriarchy. If girls and women are divided and believe that essentially they should be behaving in spiteful, mean ways to other females, then those with power will remain with power. If we collectively understand and respect that we are all different but we are women and that should join us.

    This reminded me of how we talked about Disney films never having a positive female role model for the princesses. Even the godmothers or fairies are problematic. Great video!!