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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Talking Point #4

Teenagers as Producers.

As i was searching youtube and google I realized that it is much rarer to find Teenagers as Producers compared to Teenagers vs. Consumers.

In " A tangele of Discourses" "Palladino (1996) argues that teen marketers believed that they could target teenagers as consumers and guide them along the 'right path'. But the effect was a series of mixed messages about teens, such as preparation for the future, having fun now, and defining self through appearance"
(Raby p13)

The teen marketers are in fact sending the wrong messages, but there are still a few teens that try to avoid the media. And try to campain for a good cause

These group of teens are talking about the importance of summer education and Project Morry. While watching the video you see that if they are able to have summer education, it prevents different things. For example one of the girls said that having summer education prevents child abuse over the summer because during the summer they are home all day and have nothing to do but watch tv. But if they are included into summer education they will have something to do over the summer. They also mentioned that going to school is a "stress reliever" because you can talk to your friends about what is going on at home.

This video does show a postive outcome as "Teenagers as Producers" but the sad thing is that you don't really see anything else like this.

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